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"I have retained my touching sense and hopefully I might be able to get discharged after a couple of months. This man is 'God'. He has given me a second birth."

Agnijith is a miraculous curative skin formula highly effective for Burns, Scars, Keloids and almost every skin disease you face.
Did you Know?
Eighty-percent of all burn injuries and deaths are preventable?
More than 250,000 children (ages 0-17) are burned each year?

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If you are a first time patient, we advice you to first consult with our doctor, so that an effective treatment plan can be worked out. Even if you are an existing patient, periodic consultation shall help to evaluate the progress of treatment.

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NOTE: We will not be able to deliver items to China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. In case we can not deliver items, we shall be refunding the amount paid, without any deductions.

Postal service (Speed Post with tracking) is not available in South Africa, Nigeria & Kongo. If you are from these regions or if you are not able to pay using PayPal, please mail us at for further options.

Agnijith, Kadambini, Kashmeerini are manufactured by:

Malamel Products
(Manufacturing Unit of Padanjaly Ayurvedics)
Drug License No.: 1/25d/83
GMP No.: 555

NB: Keep the medicine in cool place. The cream should be applied only at room temperature.

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