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Stretchmarks and pregnancy scars are types of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue or reddish purple look. This type of scarring is scientifically known as striae normally found as part of puberty in girls and boys, due to weight loss and many women get the stretchmarks during pregnancy. The stretchmarks usually tend to occur on thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms and butt. Removing pregnancy scars and other stretch marks completely from the skin is an arduous task as many of the modern stretchmark removal creams found ineffective.

Treatments for Stretchmarks and Pregnancy Scars

Treatment for pregnancy scars and stretchmarks at Padanjali can start after the initial consultation with the doctor through telephone or by mail. The doctor initially analyses the cause, nature and maturity of your stretchmark and prescribes effective treatment and usage of the medicine.

Our stretch mark treatment primarily focuses on the real cause of the stretch marks and on the basis of that prescribes the treatment for stretch-marks. Treatment for pregnancy scars and other stretchmark vary depending on each case. A complete healing from stretch marks requires certain precautions before and during the medication. Consult with the doctor for more information.

Natural Stretch Mark Remover

Padanjali Ayurvedics offers best treatment for stretchmarks and pregnancy scars over the years with the natural Herbal stretch mark removal cream. The stretch mark removal cream is a very effective alternative medicine for people suffering from fresh and long time stretch marks. The efficiency of the stretchmark remover lies in its ability to raise blood circulation in the affected area providing a fast and complete healing from stretch marks which has been proven scientifically.

Vitro Study Report conducted by department of bio technology University of Kerala, India
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Why should you contact the doctor?

Stretch marks can appear on any part of the body for a variety of reasons. To get a rapid removal of stretch marks it is very necessary to identify its cause and nature. Stretch marks and pregnancy scars are formed on the middle layer of your skin dermis due to rapid growth or stretching of your body. This breaks the elasticity of your skin causing microscopic bleeding with tissue inflammation and the normal collagen production gets disrupted. As the dermis is broken, epidermis the outer layer of the skin stretches making red bands or stripes around the area. After the healing of these marks, scarring occurs. Treatment for stretchmarks and pregnancy scars varies depending on its nature and cause. Therefore a thorough analysis of your skin, cause and nature of scarring is essential before starting the treatment.

You can contact our doctor either through telephone or mail. Send us the complete details of your skin problem with photographs of the affected site. Our doctor will assess your problem and offer you customized stretch mark solutions.