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Agnijith is counted among the rare group of medicines found in the world that has exemplary medicinal value. It is a completely soothing and healing balm that has the power to heal a variety of skin problems including burns. Agnijith is a miraculous formula for restoring and rejuvenating skin’s natural beauty and texture. Highly effective for burns of all kinds, burn scars, keloids and keloids scars leukoderma, pregnancy scars, and stretch marks, bedsores, surgical scars itching, sun burns, skin rashes, diabetic foot ulcers, chicken pox scars and so on. Allopathic medicines do not provide complete treatment for keloids, which can be effectively cured by Agnijith.

Major ingredients found in the medicine are Musa paradisiaca, Pandannus tectorius, Curcuma longa and Cocos nusifera.

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