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Burn is a skin injury caused by flames, heat, the sun, x-rays, moist heat, laser, electrical energy, chemicals, radiation etc. Based on the way burns occur, medical science, generally categories burns into first degree burns, second degree burns, third degree burns and fourth degree burns. Mainly burns affect the skin and in severe cases of burns, it affects reach the muscles, veins and bones.

Treating keloids from a very initial stage onwards is very important to forbid the growth of keloids into a more complicated case. But a complete solution to keloids is still a miracle to modern science. Padanjali traditional keloid scar treatment centre has been offering natural successful keloid scar removal treatments helping thousands of people across the world to completely get rid of keloids.

Starting keloid scar treatment at Padanjali Ayurvedics is very easy. The treatment for keloid scarring can start after initial consultation with doctor through phone or internet. A complete healing of keloid scars requires certain precautions before and during the period of medication.

Burns and Burn Scar Treatment

The treatment for burns and burn scars is primarily focused to the regeneration of skin cells by generating the flow of blood to the affected area.

Treatment of burns at Padanjali Ayurvedics normally starts after the initial consultation with the doctor. You can contact our doctor either through telephone or by mail. The duration of burn treatment and application of the medicine will be decided after a thorough analysis of your body features, cause, nature and depth of the burn and burn scar.

The treatment for burns and burn scars differs from case to case. That is, the treatment of chemical burns, third degree burns, second degree burns, electrical burns and burn scar treatment vary as per the case depending on the intensity of tissue damage and area affected.

Application of the Medicine:

  • In the case of fresh, minor and immediate house hold burns apply a thick layer of Agnijith on the  affected site every two hr
  • Keep wounds away from water
  • In the case of burn infection clean the wound with sterilized cotton
  • Keep the medicine in cool place. The cream should be applied only at room temperature.

Vitro Study Report conducted by department of bio technology University of Kerala, India
Link of the approval certificate – Certificate

Comparing to the allopathic burn treatment, Ayurvedic medicines are cheaper, effective and make no side-effects. The healing power of Agnijith to provide a complete cure for the burns and its magical ability to refurbish skin into the earlier vitality has won worldwide recognition and reputation both for Padanjali Ayurvedics and burn scar specialist Dr. Parameswaran Nair.

Why should you Contact the Doctor?

For the complete healing of burns and scars, needs some precautions before and during the time of medication. It is required to keep the boil, fresh and open wounds completely away from water for the rapid healing. A burn can be more complicated by infection. The anti-microbial formula is much effective against bacterial attack. The burn helping balm Agnijith is a highly effective alternative medicine for burn injury treatment, scar treatments, burn scar treatment and children burn scars treatment. The medicine works as a natural protection over the affected area rejuvenating the skin for a fast healing.

To get a more effective burn and burn scar treatment, you can either contact our doctor through phone or mail us with the complete details of your problem and snapshots of the affected site. Our doctor will provide you a carefully designed treatment schedule.

Case studies

Case file: 01
Reg.No : 26694
Patient Name: Natasha
Age: 7
Place : Kerala
Category: Hot Water Burn

Case file: 02
Reg.No : 26730
Patient Name: Fathima Jaza
Age: 8
Place: Kerala
Category: Hot Water Burn

Case file : 03
Reg.No : 26788
Patient Name : Dhruv
Age : 10 months
Place : Kerala
Category : Hot Water Burn

Case file : 04
Reg.No : 26616
Patient Name : Khalid
Age : 48
Place : Kerala
Category : Silencer Burn

Case file : 05
Reg.No : 19901
Patient Name : Kishore
Age : 38
Place : Kadavathur, Kerala
Category : Burns

Case file : 06
Reg.No : 18704
Patient Name : Adil
Age : 4 & half
Place : Kuttippuram, Kerala
Category : Burns

Case file : 07
Reg.No : 18617
Patient Name : Shemil
Age : 1
Place : Pattambi, Kerala
Category : Hot Water Burn

Case file : 08
Reg.No : 18813
Patient Name : Fathima Bethul
Age : 2 & half
Place : Kunnamkulam, Kerala
Category : Burns

Case file : 09
Reg.No : 18743
Patient Name : Nahmon
Age : 2 & half
Place : Edeyoor, Kerala
Category : Burn

Case file : 10
Reg.No : 18710
Patient Name : Hamida
Age : 4 &half
Place : Karikathuruthy, Kerala
Category : Burns

Case file : 11
Reg.No : 18516
Patient Name : Muhammed Aslam
Age : 1 & half
Place : Irumpayam, Kerala
Category : Burn

Case file : 12
Reg.No : 18926
Patient Name : Muhammed Nihal
Age : 9
Place : Manjeri, Kerala
Category : Crackers Burn

Case file : 13
Reg.No : _
Patient Name : Shara
Age : _
Place : Kerala
Category : Burns on hand

Case file : 14
Reg.No : 18920
Patient Name : Vishwanathan
Age : 56
Place : Mukkam, Kerala
Category : Acid burn (Petrol)

Case file : 15
Reg.No: 19980
Patient Name : Atlan
Age: 2
Place : Kerala
Category :Burns